LasoLab oversees fully vertical operations in the CBD Health and Wellness with seed-to-shelf cultivation, processing, international distribution and fulfillment assets spanning North America, serving the world.
LasoLab’s experienced team specializes in identifying, evaluating and securing assets based on their value, talent and potential. While Laso follows the traditional model of other CBD and Wellness companies that look for current and potential value through a financial lens, Laso relies on its deep understanding of the market to go a step further by seeking out partnerships that will bring the best talent, knowledge, and experience to its partnership network.

The Laso process for evaluating partner acquisitions looks to immediate term profitability and net asset value, as well as positioning for leadership in the evolution of the CBD Wellness ecosystem.
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Investment Philosophy

LasoLab’s business extends to identified fully vertical operations in the
CBD Health and Wellness space with international reach.

Through this integrated model, along with its strategic Clinical Research relationships in the United Kingdom and EU, LasoLab’s objective is to deliver the highest quality of CBD and Wellness products in B2B transactions and end consumers transaction, while maximizing profits at every point of the supply chain.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid offering Wellness effects for many medical indications including pain, anxiety and epilepsy. As such, significant opportunities exist for mass commercialization of CBD products. A wide range of potential applications (from nutritional supplements to pet food) will propel hemp-derived CBD products into mass market retailers in the coming years.