Treating with Cannabinoids

Treating with Cannabinoids

The benefits of this miracle-changing modern medicine are endless and for those with pain, it even provides a natural alternative for inflammation and relief. Its numerous healing powers will make it a medicine cabinet staple.

But it’s highly fragmented and primarily local/regional owner-operated businesses. There is no visibility in the market and hence consumer trust is a huge opportunity.

Operating in any vertical within the industry ispainful, both for farmers and those post harvest.

It should be easier. We live in a world where a car ride can be summoned and items purchased with a tap, but the Cannabis industry has not yet evolved.

What We’ve Done

  • Assembled an A+ team
  • Created our initial product
  • Recruited beta companies
  • Conducted beta testing
  • Acquired paying customers
  • Partnered with a multi-state operator
  • Built Retail Brands
  • Drove attractive customer acquisitioncosts
  • Built $1mm+ in software development

Why Us?

  • Large industry, ripe for innovation
  • The first to create network effect in hemp
  • Multiple revenue sources
  • An untapped area of eCommerce
511,442 Acres of hemp licensed nationally
16,877 State growers licenses issued
34 States licensed hemp cultivation
5,000,000 pounds of CBD annually